The OMnium Method™ of Learning is an unprecedented approach to learning and teaching. This methodology is based on the principle that learning can happen through a form of resonance or “entrainment” - a process by which the brain switches from 10% to a full 100% capacity and absorbs the information in a direct manner. This means that one can bypass the traditional rote system of learning - which is to process information cognitively through reading, repeating and memorizing - and acquire the information and knowledge as a direct consciousness and experience.


The OMNIUM NEW PARADIGM EDUCATION SYSTEM is based on Consciousness and not on an individual's age, sex, race, social skills, IQ or cognitive capabilities. Programs offered in various categories include: Mind focus and stillness; concentration mastery, discerning thought patterns, Zero Point meditation techniques, speed learning, learning without reading, learning through the heart and the senses, learning using a 100% brain capacity, decoding language codes, plus deciphering cosmic light and sound signals.


Wide ranging topics include: The study of Consciousness, Consciousness evolution and expansion, earthly Consciousness vs. Universal Consciousness, what is "Reality", why do we come to Earth, where do we really come from, the incarnation process and purpose, where do we go once we complete our earthly journey and the potential existence of other beings in the universe.


The curriculum and more details will be posted on this page shortly. For further information, e-mail us at


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