The OMNIUM FOUNDATION RESEARCH PROGRAM includes research on the nature and mechanics of Consciousness, the human biofield as well as various "psi" phenomena.



Since 2016, we have been conducting scientific experiments with world-renowned astrophysicists, neuroscientists, nuclear physicists and molecular biologists. The experiments have shown remarkable results in the following areas:

- The effects of consciousness on water (conductivity, PH and molecular structuring)

- The effects of consciousness on DNA, biological systems, physical cells (energy healing) and the electromagnetic field.

- Remote viewing, remote influencing, psychokinesis and telekinesis (mind over matter: effects of consciousness on physical matter)


  • Dr Rudy Schild, Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian
  • Dr Dennis Briefer, Electrical Engineer, Inventor of 22 patents on various devices
  • Dr Glen Rein, Quantum Biologist, Harvard Medical School
  • Dr Mike Wilkey, Neuroscientist, UC Berkeley
  • Dr George Weissman, Theoretical Physicist, UC Berkeley
  • Dr Eugene Kovalenko, Nuclear Physicist, Alamo Research Laboratories
  • Dr. Chantal Toporow, Aerospace Engineering Researcher, TRW, UCLA, Society for Scientific Exploration 
  • Also collaborating and consulting with Dr Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at IONS.




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