Caroline Cory

CAROLINE CORY is the Founder and the Executive Director of Omnium Universe Foundation. Caroline is a futurist, international speaker and the visionary author of three books on Consciousness, Holistic Education and Spirituality. After completing her graduate studies in Psychology and Educational Counseling, Caroline created revolutionary methods in Consciousness Education, Quantum Healing and Experiential Media and Entertainment. Caroline is also a guest expert in the area of Consciousness and Parapsychology on TV shows, conferences and various international media platforms.


RENEE HAINES has over 25 years’ experience in event planning. As a business owner she has executed many large-scale Corporate Events for companies such as Sprint, Chrysler, Dermalogica and more. She was the Production Manager on Omnium Media’s film “A Tear in the Sky”. She has been an avid student in the study of consciousness and energy work for over 15 years.


WIGARD TEGEL has nearly 30 years experience in creating, launching and implementing innovative new business concepts and strategies. He is a New Paradigm creative entrepreneur. Already in his teenage years he co-founded a company where he was responsible for international marketing and sales. For 15 years he offered his qualities as management-consultant in various areas such as in the health and nature preservation sector. This includes the development and implementation of new business models for large visitor centers and a school for children with special needs. In addition to being OMnium's Marketing Ambassador, Wigard is currently sharing his qualities as speaker, trainer and coach in self-empowering programs.


MARY RUTH QUINN graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a BA in political science, did doctoral work in Human Development (ABD) at the University of Chicago, and finished study at the Graduate Theological Union. In the three decades since, she created classes and retreats for numerous profit and non-profit organizations. In her local community, she advocated new ways in which parenting and education can beneficially be re-imagined. Her longtime private practice of counseling focuses on integrative healing and teaching.


KIM WORSENCROFT has 25 years in high tech as a programmer, executive and entrepreneur in the computer software industry. Kim co-founded a venture-backed startup company as well as advised early-stage startups on software development and technology trends. After retiring from the software industry, spent 7 years serving as a trustee on nonprofit boards for an independent school and an arts center that included an artist residency program. Kim received her B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Utah and is currently engaged in holistic practices including meditation, healing and teaching.


FRITS EVELEIN holds an MA in music education and musicology, and a PhD in Psychology. During 20 years he held professorships at Utrecht University and Codarts, University of Performing Arts in the Netherlands. Frits is an international author, speaker, teacher and coach. He is an expert in New Paradigm education and composes music based on the OMnium Method: a revolutionary new expression of translating consciousness sonically for organic healing, meditation, learning, teaching and consciousness expansion through sound. 

Wendy von Oech
WENDY VON OECH has 30 years experience promoting creativity and innovation in business through seminars, high tech conferences, and educational products including books, cards, apps and magnetic design tools. For 20 years she facilitated classes, retreats, and offered counseling to groups and individuals seeking to live a conscious, creative and spiritual life.  She also served on the boards of two independent local schools. She graduated from Stanford with a BA in English and completed her graduate studies at Santa Clara University.


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