Center for Consciousness Exploration & Expansion


We are at a time in our human history where innovative ideas can improve our lives considerably. If we apply a new focus and a new perspective to our current issues, we can create a new reality on earth.  If we shift our focus from productivity to usefulness and relevance and from financial gain to personal transformation and global awareness, we will see meaningful and important changes in our daily lives and hence our future society. 
The Omnium Universe Complex provides tools to serve that purpose and create an environment in which we interact with and experience the realities we dream of: a reality that would be free of physical, mental, emotional blocks and imbalances - a reality based on higher awareness, a truly evolved consciousness and a profound experience of altruism and universal oneness. The Omnium Universe Complex project is a consciousness-based creation in which all aspects - from the architecture, energy use, programs, and daily operations to the management and support personnel - are focused on raising human consciousness to the next level of evolution.  


The visitors will feel that they have stepped into the future as they enter the site. Each building structure is designed and created with the purpose of providing a virtual experience of a futuristic world. Holographic computers, experiential immersive and interactive features, hands-on experimentation, self-directed discovery, virtual games and simulations, sensory-based learning and virtual interactions are the key components that create this overall feeling of having landed into a new reality. Visitors will experience a new world that is so evolved, so high tech and so “cool” yet beautifully nurturing and supportive of the human spirit and human consciousness expansion.

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